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Warriors & Wolverines


Please read the registration article on this website to help you through some of the things you'll need to do.

High School Registration IS OPEN.

There is a LOT of powerful features and content on the website.  As we roll out new features, being connected & contributing to the website is SUPER important.

Things to make sure you're getting everything out of the club's website:

1)Download and login to the "SI Play" app for your smartphone

2)Make sure ALL your contact info is up-to-date & add your athlete's picture to their account

3)Provide feedback to us to improve the experience!

1st OVLC Restaurant Fundraiser! - 13 December

Restaurant Fundraisers = No brainer on a good dinner to support your club!!!! -Noah Davis, a 8U player

by posted 12/02/2016
RHINO LACROSSE offering a clinic in Tucson

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club will host RHINO LACROSSE (rhinolacrosse.com) to put on a clinic, Friday, January 6th, 2017 in Oro Valley, Arizona!

The Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse has been working with a representative of Rhino Lacrosse to host clinics on the weekend of 6-8 January in Phoenix & Tucson.  The OVLC has offered to host Rhino Lacrosse in Tucson the Friday before the Oro Valley Holiday Classic Tournament.  Details are in the works and will be announced as soon as we get further information.

Rhino Lacrosse is an organization that many will be familiar with based on their camp they put on in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Ryan Powell, the founder, is a vetted Syracuse player, coach, and MLL star.  There is a potential for Ryan to attend the event down at Tucson.

From the Rhino Lacrosse website:

Rhino Lacrosse ranks among the premiere lacrosse training and instructional programs in North America, and our love for the game shows in everything we do. Our performance training courses, all-star select travel teams, clinics, lessons, tournaments, year-round leagues, and summer academies offer boys and girls of all ages and playing abilities the opportunity to receive the finest quality lacrosse experience.

by posted 11/29/2016
#Giving Tuesday - Please consider donating

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club is dedicated to the growth of lacrosse and creating exciting environments for youth to master athleticism and sportsmanship.  Our club is run by a volunteer board of members dedicated to this mission.  While our program fees work to cover the daily expenses of the club and its activities, your child's long term growth in the club thrives on donations and sponsorship of the club.  The club is run as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Please consider a donation during the upcoming #GivingTuesday (29 Nov 16) campaign that has become popular throughout the nation.


Giving to the club comes in many ways:


  1. PARTICIPATE in our raffle of three sets of 4 tickets to AZ Zipline Adventures.  Raffle tickets are $20 each and give you and the family an opportunity to go on an adventure, just up the road in Oracle, Arizona.  See our news article @ www.orovalleylacrosse.org or see a board member or coach.  SELL tickets to family and friends for not only a better chance to win, but help the club raise funds to continue the success of the club.


  1. NOMINATE a business to sponsor the club.  We offer benefits of sponsorship at all donation amounts.  Business sponsorship not only enhances the community relationship, but benefits our membership.  Email for further details.


  1. VOLUNTEER!  Our board works full time to volunteer and would love the help.  Small, one-time events, such as helping prepare the field to more full time events such as team mom/dad are rewarding and exciting to see what makes our club run.


  1. DONATE to youth sports, through our club.  Our club has adopted the US Lacrosse athletic development model (LADM), which has been instituted by the US Olympic team to develop well-rounded athletes as they grow.  Our coaches are certified by US Lacrosse and their philosophies are planted in sportsmanship, athleticism, and having fun playing “the fastest game on two feet”.  Our club continues to look to grow by supporting girl’s lacrosse, the only club to sponsor and field a team for youth girls in Tucson.  We aspire to continue this involvement for children – from Kindergarten to High School.


With these opportunities, our club can provide top notch opportunities for the club and community.  We are working to upgrade goalie gear for all levels, offer scholarships to team members to attend clinics and camps throughout the season, hire a trainer for tournaments and jamborees, bring the experience of flexibility and conditioning coaches on board, develop full scholarships for those that cannot afford the costs, and maintain great training gear for practices.

by posted 11/28/2016
Volunteer Opportunities

Warriors & Wolverines need your help! 

Please consider signing up for one of the below volunteer positions to support Oro Valley Lacrosse

Volunteers ensure a satisfying and rewarding experience for all. Volunteers contribute significantly to the value of

clubs’ work and the experience for our children. Please considering helping the Warriors and Wolverines!

Contact Joni Dean at jmlkdean@gmail.com for more information and to sign-up.


Holiday Tournament Coordinator -  Fields are reserved and the Board will coordinate officials, team registrations etc. The tasks for the Tournament Coordinator are: set-up for the day - coordinate with a few food trucks - staff an information table - staff a vending table with drinks / tee shirts - coordinate clean-up. This position is a short-term position and is ideal for a person that only has a small window of time to assist the Oro Valley Lacrosse teams.  This will include both the Pre-Tournament event on Friday January 6th and the Holiday Tournament on January 7th


Raffle Ticket Coordinator – Another short term volunteer position! We need one parent that will oversee the raffle ticket fundraising activity.  You would coordinate with the Team Parent Liaisons for the distribution of the raffle tickets, collection of money and ensure prizes are handed out (current raffle is for 3 packages for a family of 4 to go zip-lining)


Fields Coordinator - work with the Board, Head Coaches and Volunteer Coordinator to prepare fields for games.  This includes organizing field line painting and coordinating goals.


Fundraising & Sponsorship - work with the Board, Raffle Ticket Coordinator and families to coordinate all fundraising activities and the attainment of sponsorships.


Equipment Manager - work with coaches to distribute, track and manage all equipment for all of OV Lacrosse.  


Team Parent Liaison - work with head coaches and the board to enhance communication efforts with players and parents as well as manage raffle ticket sales for team.

by posted 11/28/2016
OVLC RAFFLE - AZ Zipline - first drawing soon

Oro Valley Lacrosse to raffle off 3 family sets of tickets during a restaurant fundraiser & our Holiday Tournament!  Buy your raffle ticket today by seeing a board member or coach!  You can also order on our website here.

For our upcoming lacrosse season, AZ Zipline Adventures has stepped up big to help OVLC with a fundraising raffle. AZ Zipline has donated a total of three 4 person guest packs. Each guest pack is good for 4 guests.

We will have two separate raffle drawings. The first drawing will be during one of our first restaurant fundraisers.  The final two guest packs will be raffled at our Second Annual Oro Valley Lacrosse Holiday Classic Tournament on Jan. 7. You need not be present to win. Tickets are $20 and you can buy as many as you like. Tickets are on sale now, please see a board member or coach to purchase tickets.

Also if any of our players or families want to help with sales please see a board member / coach.

by posted 11/24/2016
OVLC will participate in LAX-4-LIFE - DEC 10th, 2016 in Tempe

The Desert Vista Lacrosse Club is proud to announce that the 10th Annual Lax4Life is going to be Saturday Dec 10th at Tempe Sports Complex!!! It is a central location at Hardy and Warner right next to the AZ Cardinals training center.

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has confirmed registration for two of our teams this year, the Boys 12U and High School.

This is a great tournament that has a fundraising effort to support those that are those that are less fortunate and will be the first pre-season tournament for those teams now practicing.

As we are getting into full swing for the fall, we're ALWAYS looking for those kids that want try/play the "fastest game on two feet", so make sure you're talking up the great experience of lacrosse with the OVLC.  BRING A FRIEND OUT NEXT PRACTICE!

Details of the tournament will be available soon, and we'll update you as soon as we get information.

by posted 11/04/2016


This website allows us to easily verify a US lacrosse membership & make sure that your child and the club is protected throughout the season by requiring you to input your child's membership number early in the registration and automatically verifying that it is current throughout the entire season (4/30/2017).  If it expires before, the website will automatically transfer you to USL and guide you through the process of renewing your child's membership so the expiration is beyond the season.  This is a change and may lead to questions, we understand.  We are here to help you through the process and appreciate your participation in helping us all take care of this necessary step to have a safe and fun season.  Some benefits, good techniques, and answers to questions are below.

For those that have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure you put a valid USL number in the registration and make your child's name exactly as it appears on your USL membership.  (if you need to change your account information, or lookup your child's number, please visit uslacrosse.org before you register your child)

     a) A great way to avoid redirecting you away from our website during registration, is to get your USL membership renewed and current before you start registration

     b) US lacrosse membership is additive to your previous expiration date; e.g. if your child's expiration is in January of next year, by renewing you will have an expiration of the next year in January.

For those that do not have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure the information you enter in our registration is accurate, so that your USL membership will be accurate as well.  The club's interest in maintaining a US lacrosse membership is that it affords a limited liability insurance for potential problems during the season.  There are many benefits beyond this that we know your chlld and you will enjoy as well.

     a)There will be a place, during your US lacrosse membership signup to associate yourself with our club, the "Oro Valley Lacrosse Club"

Your child's BIRTH DATE is important during registration.  Please note the new US lacrosse age cutoffs for each program.  If you enter the wrong birth date during registration & get an error, please email us at .  Only the website administrator can adjust the birth date once input.  If you're concerned about what program your child should be in, please contact us so that we can help you through the process.

Early Bird Registration through the beginning of practice is available for Boy's 14U-10U programs.  There are payment plans available (the same as last year) & credit card processing is also available.  Please register your boy for these programs EARLY to receive the benefits.

For those that made a summer equipment deposit, please contact us for a code you enter to receive the deposit back.

Contact information is very important under this new website.  You will have the opportunity to be alerted of schedule changes via many means of communication & you will be offered opportunities to subscribe to automatic "feeds" that help you stay up-to-date with the club's happenings throughout the season.

1)  You can add several emails in the email entry, but adding a comma or semi-colon.  Move your mouse over the email box and let it sit to tell you how to do this.  This is great for parents that have multiple emails they want to register.

2)  You should be able to enter multiple parent/guardian information & it's highly encouraged to do so!

3)  You'll see a drop down box next to each contact information entry that allows you to make the information you enter: public (all registered families can see your information), private (only the OVLC board & coaches can see your information), or roster (the team you sign up for can see your information only).  It's all up to you on what you'd like to share, but rest assured you can still be notified by the club of events and changes regardless on what option you pick.

We have adjusted our registration prices.  Take note, US lacrosse has also adjusted their membership rate.  During the previous season, we were able to provide a positive experience for you and your child, but this was not without the generous sponsorship & donations of members & the local community.  We brought in just over $4000 in donations last year that kept us solvent as a club.  Without the donations & sponsorship, we would not have been able to have the season we did.  In order to continue the daily operation of the club, we adjusted our registration prices slightly.  This will not cover the costs of the club & we have plans for another awesome donation season to keep the registration costs as low as possible.

1)  Please consider donating your time (by volunteering) or money to the club during the registration process.

2)  In order to start the new year right, we are offering a raffle for a new outdoor zipline experience at a company just north of Oro Valley.  Details will follow, but the opportunity to reserve raffle tickets during registration is available.

by posted 09/18/2016
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