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Warriors & Wolverines

Welcome to the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club website!

If you are looking for information about our club, check out About Us.  Here you will find information about our club, our teams, and just some of our coaches.


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OV Lacrosse recognizes one of our sponsors

OVLC Lacrosse Athlete, Grayson Kang & AZ Zipline

One of our premiere club sponsors, AZ Zipline, received a plaque and hat from the club recently.  We appreciate their help in bringing lacrosse opportunities to Oro Valley!  Please check out their business, http://www.ziparizona.com/

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FREE Drop In Sessions! - come check out the sport

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Oro Valley Sports Alliance - OVLC supports!

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club supports the OV Sports Alliance

In a combined effort from many Oro Valley sports teams, the sports alliance is advocating for better fields & facilities in Oro Valley.  Currently, the OV town council is investigating opportunities to fund the overall plan to expand & improve Naranja Park.

We need your help!  There are many ways to make your opinion heard!

Send an e-mail to ALL Council Members


Please send one e-mail to ALL the Councilmembers including the Mayor & Vice Mayor. It is critical to have our support on the public record. Speaking and e-mail does count individually. Please send the following e-mail to the addresses listed below. I've canned the two following messages whether you love within/outside of the Town limits:
"Please accept this e-mail as public record in support of the improvements at Naranja Park. I live at ADDRESS. I live within the Town limits."
"Please accept this e-mail as public record in support of the improvements at Naranja Park. I live at ADDRESS. I live just outside of the Town limits, but work/volunteer, play, shop and eat within the Town."
Satish Hiremath, Mayor
Lou Waters, Vice Mayor
Joe Hornat, Councilmember
Rhonda Pina, Councilmember
Bill Rodman, Councilmember
Mary Snider, Councilmember
Steve Soloman, Councilmember


Attend Council Meetings - Next Regular Board Meeting is on MAY 3RD @ 6pm

Council Meetings are typically during the week from 6pm to 7pm.  Their schedule of meetings is at this website.  https://www.orovalleyaz.gov/town/departments/town-clerk/meetings-and-agendas
Complete a"Blue Card" to speak (don't worry, all you need to say is below:
When called state your name, you live in Oro Valley & you support the improvements at Naranja Park. 
If you don't live within Oro Valley, please state that and let the Council know you play, shop & eat in Oro Valley and support the improvements at Naranja Park.

Become a OV Sports Alliance member - we already have one volunteer from OVLC, but would benefit from more...

The group will establish an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation that can accept donations and actively promote the build-out of Naranja Park and other facilities for youth, adult, and senior sports programs in the OV community.

The commitment would be participation in meetings this summer and fall - prior to a November bond election. It is anticipated that the organization will continue to exist - but likely with fewer meetings, etc.

Fred Narcaroti (fnarcaroti@ninyoandmoore.com) is currently sending out emails to people that are interested.  Please contact him (and include a OVLC board member to let us know) for more details.

by posted 04/21/2017
OVLC is now an Associate Partner with the TUCSON STORM!


The Tucson Storm Girls High School Team is now PAIRED UP with the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club!

Coach Megan Sanicki, the current head coach of the Tucson Storm has agreed to become associate partners with the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club.  This strategic news starts another era of girls lacrosse for the Tucson area.  Now, girls from throughout Tucson can find a path to grow themselves and the sport of lacrosse from kindergarten to high school varsity lacrosse!

The Tucson Storm is a long standing team in the local Tucson area that has excelled to provide high school girls the opportunity to play lacrosse in the state of Arizona.  In their recent past, they've been the ONLY girls lacrosse team in Tucson.  Recently, they've been energized by a lacrosse alum of the game, Coach Megan Sanicki, who's bounded the team together to bring opportunities again for the Storm.

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has it's prestigious history, representing Oro Valley in lacrosse for many years.  Started as a boys high school team, it has molded itself to its environment, and now offers kindergarten through high school lacrosse in the Oro Valley and Amphitheatre school district area.  Just a little over two years ago, the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club had established a "girls only" team to give an excellent opportunity to young girls in the community to play "the fastest game on two feet".

With this strategic pairing, the Tucson Storm and Oro Valley Lacrosse Club, will provide the opportunity for girls to develop their skills from kindergarten, further fielding an 8U (8 years and under), 10U, 12U, 14U, and High School team in the same philosophy that OVLC and the Storm have:  Building strong girl's athletes from the ground up!  Currently, the OVLC sponsors a 12U team, coached by former alums of the Storm, Rachel Bowman and Megan Tetrick.  The Storm is rebuilding its high school team, after a strong group went on to college.

"This associate partnership gives an avenue for girls of Oro Valley to strive for the bigger goals of playing for each other for years to come!", Coach Doug Charters exclaimed.

The associate partnership will continue the groundwork done by Rachel Bowman and Tom Carr, President of the Tucson Youth Lacrosse League (TYLL).  Rachel is an advisor/member of TYLL.  "Growing the sport of lacrosse in Tucson continues to be our number one goal at TYLL and the girls side of lacrosse is just as important to our growth as the boys," Tom states.

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club will see the benefit of this relationship the most at the start.  Currently, OVLC is the only club to offer girls lacrosse, but they encourage other lacrosse clubs to grow the sport with girls teams within their club.  OVLC's established board is fully supportive of administrative and potentially financial support of the Tucson Storm.

"I'd like us to see OVLC appoint a associate member of the Storm to our board," tells Doug Charters.  "This way we can fuse our opportunities to recruit girls at all levels."

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has been practicing with the Tucson Storm for over a month now and played scrimmages during the TYLL games at Rillito Park over the last three weeks in February.

OVLC's Girls' 12U team will travel to Phoenix to debut it's girls team in the Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association (AZGLA) sanctioned game on March 25th to end their season.


Follow the Tucson Storm at: https://megansanicki.wixsite.com/tucsonstorm

​Follow the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club at: http://orovalleylacrosse.org

by posted 02/16/2017
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