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  • Early Bird Registration is open for Boys' 14U, 12U, 10U!
Welcome to OVLC's website!

Welcome to the new, improved version of the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club's website.

We'll roll new features out as we progress, but the registration system is now OPEN!  Click on HOME and Register Online to get your athlete registered as soon as possible in order to get them a spot on the team.

Registration Details - FAQs


This website allows us to easily verify a US lacrosse membership & make sure that your child and the club is protected throughout the season by requiring you to input your child's membership number early in the registration and automatically verifying that it is current throughout the entire season (4/30/2017).  If it expires before, the website will automatically transfer you to USL and guide you through the process of renewing your child's membership so the expiration is beyond the season.  This is a change and may lead to questions, we understand.  We are here to help you through the process and appreciate your participation in helping us all take care of this necessary step to have a safe and fun season.  Some benefits, good techniques, and answers to questions are below.

For those that have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure you put a valid USL number in the registration and make your child's name exactly as it appears on your USL membership.  (if you need to change your account information, or lookup your child's number, please visit uslacrosse.org before you register your child)

     a) A great way to avoid redirecting you away from our website during registration, is to get your USL membership renewed and current before you start registration

     b) US lacrosse membership is additive to your previous expiration date; e.g. if your child's expiration is in January of next year, by renewing you will have an expiration of the next year in January.

For those that do not have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure the information you enter in our registration is accurate, so that your USL membership will be accurate as well.  The club's interest in maintaining a US lacrosse membership is that it affords a limited liability insurance for potential problems during the season.  There are many benefits beyond this that we know your chlld and you will enjoy as well.

     a)There will be a place, during your US lacrosse membership signup to associate yourself with our club, the "Oro Valley Lacrosse Club"

Your child's BIRTH DATE is important during registration.  Please note the new US lacrosse age cutoffs for each program.  If you enter the wrong birth date during registration & get an error, please email us at .  Only the website administrator can adjust the birth date once input.  If you're concerned about what program your child should be in, please contact us so that we can help you through the process.

Early Bird Registration through the beginning of practice is available for Boy's 14U-10U programs.  There are payment plans available (the same as last year) & credit card processing is also available.  Please register your boy for these programs EARLY to receive the benefits.

For those that made a summer equipment deposit, please contact us for a code you enter to receive the deposit back.

Contact information is very important under this new website.  You will have the opportunity to be alerted of schedule changes via many means of communication & you will be offered opportunities to subscribe to automatic "feeds" that help you stay up-to-date with the club's happenings throughout the season.

1)  You can add several emails in the email entry, but adding a comma or semi-colon.  Move your mouse over the email box and let it sit to tell you how to do this.  This is great for parents that have multiple emails they want to register.

2)  You should be able to enter multiple parent/guardian information & it's highly encouraged to do so!

3)  You'll see a drop down box next to each contact information entry that allows you to make the information you enter: public (all registered families can see your information), private (only the OVLC board & coaches can see your information), or roster (the team you sign up for can see your information only).  It's all up to you on what you'd like to share, but rest assured you can still be notified by the club of events and changes regardless on what option you pick.

We have adjusted our registration prices.  Take note, US lacrosse has also adjusted their membership rate.  During the previous season, we were able to provide a positive experience for you and your child, but this was not without the generous sponsorship & donations of members & the local community.  We brought in just over $4000 in donations last year that kept us solvent as a club.  Without the donations & sponsorship, we would not have been able to have the season we did.  In order to continue the daily operation of the club, we adjusted our registration prices slightly.  This will not cover the costs of the club & we have plans for another awesome donation season to keep the registration costs as low as possible.

1)  Please consider donating your time (by volunteering) or money to the club during the registration process.

2)  In order to start the new year right, we are offering a raffle for a new outdoor zipline experience at a company just north of Oro Valley.  Details will follow, but the opportunity to reserve raffle tickets during registration is available.

by posted 09/18/2016
Fall pre-season practices start after fall break

The fall pre-season of practices will start on October 17th, 7pm at JDK park (upper field).

Junior High (now called 14U) will practice Monday & Wednesday from 7pm to 830pm.  Friday's we switch up to 5pm to 630pm.

The 6th grade team (12U) will practice Monday & Wednesday from 7pm to 830pm.  Friday's we switch up to 5pm to 630pm.

The 4th grade team (10U) will initially practice on Friday from 5pm to 630pm (JDK, upper field) & Saturday from 2pm to 330pm at Wilson School (north soccer fields).

The co-ed kindergarten thru 3rd grade (8U) team will practice on Friday from 5pm to 630pm (JDK, lower field) & Saturday from 2pm to 330pm at Wilson School (north soccer fields).

Girls 14U & 12U will start on Friday from 5pm to 630pm at JDK.


by posted 09/10/2016

If you have questions about Oro Valley Lacrosse or the sport of Lacrosse please contact us.

Email:  orovalleylax@gmail.com

Phone: 520-333-7990, please leave a message

by posted 09/10/2016
Lacrosse in the local news


Lacrosse finding its niche in the northwest

Lacrosse is still primarily a sport that is played in the northeast, but it is slowly gaining a foothold in other parts of the country. Southern Arizona is no exception. Club lacrosse teams are gaining popularity. The Oro Valley lacrosse team is just one such program.

The club was formed by Oro Valley Resident Tom Car, a former college player and official. He started a high school program and six years ago Don McGann created the club’s junior high program.

McGann grew up in New York and played collegiately at Syracuse, one of the top collegiate lacrosse programs in the nation. In New York, and across the eastern seaboard, the game is common but it is fairly unique in Tucson. Finding players is not always easy. The club conducts demonstrations over the summer and is able to work with some of the local PE programs, but for the most part the club finds players by word of mouth.

“Most of our players saw our practices, tried it, and were hooked,” explained McGann. “(Just) getting a stick in a kid's hand and letting him (or her) play. Once kids try it - most are hooked.”

The team does get the occasional transplant who is familiar with the sport and sometimes they are discovered by parents who know the game but have no idea that club lacrosse exists in the area. Although some are hesitant at first, lacrosse is a contact sport after all, most come around quickly and embrace the game.

“The nearly universal response from parents and families is that they wish they had been able to play lacrosse when they were kids,” said McGann. “Or that they wish they had found it when their older kids were still in junior high school.”

The club has teams from kindergarten through junior high school and is based out of Krieg Park next to CDO High School. The younger kids play in a recreational league, while there are separate teams for fourth graders, sixth graders and middle schoolers up to eighth grade. Once they reach high school age, they graduate to a - high school club team with players from all of northwest Tucson, based at Mountain View High school.

Since the game is still growing, the club plays teams from all over the state, though they are getting closer to having the majority of their games in Tucson with just a little travel to the Phoenix area.

Finding fields can still be an issue, you have to have adequate space to play the game, but the hope is that Naranja Park will help, though they will still be competing with soccer and football for space.

“Getting field time for games and practices in northwest Tucson is difficult,” admitted McGann. “The new Naranja Park facilities will help, but the demand is growing faster than the supply.”

Finding qualified coaches is also tough, though the club is starting to see former high school players who have stayed in Tucson drifting back to the sport.

The sport attracts many multi-sport athletes and the club embraces that.

“As a junior high, and younger, program, our organization's philosophy is that it is too early for kids to focus exclusively on one sport,” said McGann. “We see the value in learning concepts like ball movement and spacing that can be learned from playing other sports like basketball. We also think it is important to prevent kids getting burned-out by focusing on one sport exclusively.”

Multi-sports athletes do have the challenge of overlapping seasons, especially with so many sports becoming year round affairs.

The lacrosse season generally last from January through March.


by posted 09/02/2016
New Web-Based Communications System

OVLC today began testing a whole new club management and communications system that should revolutionize the way we run our club.  Highlights include the following features:

  • Club news and information pages.
  • Home pages for all teams.
  • Online schedules for the league as well as individual teams in a variety of formats, including a multi-team schedule for families.
  • Email notifications of schedule changes.
  • Game results and player statistics.
  • League standings.
  • Online member database.
  • Customizable, online registration system.
  • Team Rosters.
  • Blast emails to select groups of members.

OVLC will be testing these new features over the next 30 days to evaluate the many ways the club and its members can benefit. 

by Douglas Charters posted 09/02/2016
Field Status
James D. Kriegh Park - Oro Valley OPEN (9/26) 
Naranja Park - Oro Valley OPEN (9/26) 
Riverfront Park - Oro Valley OPEN (9/26) 
Wilson K-8 School - Oro Valley OPEN (9/26) 
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