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Warriors & Wolverines

Welcome to the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club website!

If you are looking for information about our club, check out About Us.  Here you will find information about our club, our teams, and just some of our coaches.

Please use the quick buttons on the right to register your athlete for a specific team, volunteer for upcoming events, donate/sponsor to our non-profit club, or buy some swag or raffle tickets to support our non-profit club.

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Sports Camp Opportunities this summer


OV Parents & Players - see just the start of a couple opportunities to have fun this summer!

The first is the advertisement for Rhino Lacrosse - Flagstaff summer camp.  Eligible for players 5th through 12th grade entering in NEXT SEASON.

The second is an advertisement from one of the strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Arizona.  Eligible from ages 11+, this is a great opportunity for our HIGH SCHOOL TEAM.  Note the flexibility it provides!

by posted 03/21/2017

Hey Oro Valley Lacrosse Club!  We just got in some new "swag" (aparrel) & your son or daughter REALLY wants you to get some....

GIRL'S CUT T-SHIRTS (pre-order yours to deliver 3/24/17) 
with more of the popular short sleeve t-shirts & navy hoodie sweatshirts.

Please show your club spirit and check it out to buy some ALL NEW ITEMS and get some of the classic stuff while supplies last!

Oh by the way, the Swag Store is ALWAYS OPEN at our Square Store (https://squareup.com/store/oro-valley-lacrosse-club)

by posted 03/01/2017
OVLC is now an Associate Partner with the TUCSON STORM!


The Tucson Storm Girls High School Team is now PAIRED UP with the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club!

Coach Megan Sanicki, the current head coach of the Tucson Storm has agreed to become associate partners with the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club.  This strategic news starts another era of girls lacrosse for the Tucson area.  Now, girls from throughout Tucson can find a path to grow themselves and the sport of lacrosse from kindergarten to high school varsity lacrosse!

The Tucson Storm is a long standing team in the local Tucson area that has excelled to provide high school girls the opportunity to play lacrosse in the state of Arizona.  In their recent past, they've been the ONLY girls lacrosse team in Tucson.  Recently, they've been energized by a lacrosse alum of the game, Coach Megan Sanicki, who's bounded the team together to bring opportunities again for the Storm.

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has it's prestigious history, representing Oro Valley in lacrosse for many years.  Started as a boys high school team, it has molded itself to its environment, and now offers kindergarten through high school lacrosse in the Oro Valley and Amphitheatre school district area.  Just a little over two years ago, the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club had established a "girls only" team to give an excellent opportunity to young girls in the community to play "the fastest game on two feet".

With this strategic pairing, the Tucson Storm and Oro Valley Lacrosse Club, will provide the opportunity for girls to develop their skills from kindergarten, further fielding an 8U (8 years and under), 10U, 12U, 14U, and High School team in the same philosophy that OVLC and the Storm have:  Building strong girl's athletes from the ground up!  Currently, the OVLC sponsors a 12U team, coached by former alums of the Storm, Rachel Bowman and Megan Tetrick.  The Storm is rebuilding its high school team, after a strong group went on to college.

"This associate partnership gives an avenue for girls of Oro Valley to strive for the bigger goals of playing for each other for years to come!", Coach Doug Charters exclaimed.

The associate partnership will continue the groundwork done by Rachel Bowman and Tom Carr, President of the Tucson Youth Lacrosse League (TYLL).  Rachel is an advisor/member of TYLL.  "Growing the sport of lacrosse in Tucson continues to be our number one goal at TYLL and the girls side of lacrosse is just as important to our growth as the boys," Tom states.

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club will see the benefit of this relationship the most at the start.  Currently, OVLC is the only club to offer girls lacrosse, but they encourage other lacrosse clubs to grow the sport with girls teams within their club.  OVLC's established board is fully supportive of administrative and potentially financial support of the Tucson Storm.

"I'd like us to see OVLC appoint a associate member of the Storm to our board," tells Doug Charters.  "This way we can fuse our opportunities to recruit girls at all levels."

The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has been practicing with the Tucson Storm for over a month now and played scrimmages during the TYLL games at Rillito Park over the last three weeks in February.

OVLC's Girls' 12U team will travel to Phoenix to debut it's girls team in the Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association (AZGLA) sanctioned game on March 25th to end their season.


Follow the Tucson Storm at: https://megansanicki.wixsite.com/tucsonstorm

​Follow the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club at: http://orovalleylacrosse.org

by posted 02/16/2017
Holiday Classic PHOTOS

Holiday Classic Photos - download for FREE from professional photographer, Chris Hook!

Checkout the website, 



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Article in the NEWS, Congrats OVLC!

Youth lacrosse tournament brings teams from across Arizona to Oro Valley

Logan Burtch-Buus, The Explorer | Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:29 am

Twelve-year-old Jake Cardinal laced up his gloves, donned his shoulder, arm and elbow pads, threw on his mesh jersey and tightened his cleats. After going through some throwing and blocking drills, running a few laps to get the blood going and reviewing some strategies with his teammates and coaches - it was time to take to the field.

Though Cardinal and more than a half dozen of his teammates wore equipment reminiscent of an American football uniform, Cardinal and his compatriots carried sticks of varying lengths made of titanium, aluminum or various metal alloys, all topped with netted heads.

Cardinal and his friends were just one of several groups of young athletes who took to the fields of Oro Valley’s Naranja Park for the second annual Oro Valley Lacrosse Club Holiday Classic Tournament on Saturday. Drawing teams from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa and elsewhere in Tucson, the tournament was an opportunity for teams of all ages to take to the fields and get in some fun, competitive play before the season starts later this month.

While Cardinal is playing his second year and filling an often pivotal role as goalie, some of his teammates on the 14-and-under and 12-and-under teams were playing outside of practice for the first time.

“This is a great opportunity for them to also get some game time before the season starts,” said youth coach Don McGann. “Interestingly enough for a lot of these kids, this may be the first game that they’ve seen - it’s not like football or basketball where you’ve seen a bunch of games on TV - they’ve probably never seen a game. So part of it is to give them that experience. For these kids, and some of them are brand new, to get out there and play because we practice and we practice and do drills, but it’s really not the same when you get into a game.”

McGann’s teams were paired off against organizations from Tucson, Chandler and Mesa. Though there was a score being kept, McGann said that winners and losers were entirely secondary to the experience from which many of the youth athletes could learn.

While he may not have as much experience has his teammate, 12U player Logan Wertz took to the fields with a measure of drive and enthusiasm comparable to the focus of the high school players who took to the fields during the afternoon.

Also involved in football and baseball, Wertz - who fills in both at midfield and attack - said that he discovered lacrosse while watching TV one day with his family.

“I thought, ‘Wow that would be really cool’ and when we heard about the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club I thought that would be the chance for me to do it since football is in the summer and baseball is right after lacrosse,” Wertz said.

Though he may lack in technical knowledge and experience, Wertz’s insatiable drive to have fun and play the game with his friends - plus a little bit of help from his more experienced teammates - has helped him discover yet another athletic passion.

Though they may still be in grade school, the passion being realized by so many young athletes, boys and girls alike, was a treat to Ryan Powell, a man with a deep understanding and passion for lacrosse. Alongside his brothers Casey and Mike, the Powell name is considered by many in the sport to be of greater influence to the sport than the Manning family to football. After playing in high school and winning a national title at Syracuse University, Powell played for a dozen seasons as a professional before moving on to the USA national team during which time he led the team to a gold in the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships.

Powell said that he loves coming to new, emerging markets to see how the passion for the sport is spreading in places like Arizona. As someone who started playing lacrosse in grade school, Powell said he enjoyed seeing the sport taken up by such young, energetic kids.

More than an observer to the tournament, Powell also brought some of his company’s own sticks to give to one player from each team who showed the most drive, and hosted a clinic through his Portland-based company, Rhino Lacrosse.

With athletes starting off at such a young age, Powell said that success - and what he taught at the clinic - all comes down to basics.

“I’ve listened to professional athletes like Kobe Bryant and it comes down to things like dribbling, shooting foul shots and things like that, and lacrosse is certainly no different,” Powell said. “It’s about passing, catching and I always tell them to look at me: I’ve always been successful, I’ve won the MVP trophy a couple of times in the professional league and I’m not the biggest guy, I’m not the fastest, I’ve never been the quickest or the strongest but here I am being able to be very successful in the game because of the hours I spent playing up against a brick wall and throwing the ball out in the backyard with my brothers and things like that.”

Those basics were what McGann said he covers with his youth players, and that having the instruction and presence of a figure like Powell may just inspire one of his Oro Valley Warriors to one day become professionals themselves one day.

Athletes who decide to stick with the sport have the opportunity to do so while playing with the same organizations through the end of high school. While many sports are offered at high schools, athletes interested in lacrosse must look to club play. According to McGann, the lack of traditional, school-based teams is due to the sport being relatively new in the region, as well as the cost to fund, equip and train a team. Though play is based around the club teams, McGann said that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It could happen, but I don’t see it happening in the near future,” he said when asked if he saw schools picking up the sport in the future. “What has been done in Arizona, though, is both at the junior high school and high school level is that there are clubs and if you live in or attend school in that area then you can play for that club. It’s trying to keep the community and community-based teams grow together instead of having kids coming from opposite sides of town and building some kind of an all-star team and having no one else exposed to the game.”

Whether a six-year-old just learning how to hold their stick and throw a ball or a high school-aged athlete looking to impress a college scout, McGann said he sees a bright future for the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club.

Looking forward, McGann also said that even more tournament action could one day be commonplace at Naranja Park, as the town is currently planning to install two more multi-purpose fields at the park site, something the club greatly supports. With the additional space, McGann said the team could then host what he referred to as “mini jamborees,” at which even more teams from across Arizona would come to town and face off against one another.

“That would be one of our motivations for having them expand the fields up here; we could bring in folks every weekend to have tournaments like this,” McGann said.


For more information on the 501(c)(3) Oro Valley Lacrosse Club visit www.orovalleylacrosse.org.

by posted 01/15/2017
VOLUNTEER! (ps, we need you)

Volunteer, it's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Volunteering throughout the season is easy on our website.  Simply:

1)Select the VOLUNTEER hot button on the right side of the website -OR- hover over the Home tab and select "Volunteering" from the drop down menu.

2)Browse each opportunity for the time/date & description that matches your ability to volunteer

3)Click on the sign up button on the far right

by posted 12/27/2016

Oro Valley Lacrosse to raffle off 3 family sets of tickets during restaurant fundraisers & our Holiday Tournament!  Buy your raffle ticket today by seeing a board member or coach!  You can also order on our website here.

For our upcoming lacrosse season, AZ Zipline Adventures has stepped up big to help OVLC with a fundraising raffle. AZ Zipline has donated a total of three 4 person guest packs. Each guest pack is good for 4 guests.

We will have ONE more raffle drawing.  You need not be present to win. Tickets are $20 and you can buy as many as you like. Tickets are on sale now, please see a board member or coach to purchase tickets.

Also if any of our players or families want to help with sales please see a board member / coach.

by posted 11/24/2016


This website allows us to easily verify a US lacrosse membership & make sure that your child and the club is protected throughout the season by requiring you to input your child's membership number early in the registration and automatically verifying that it is current throughout the entire season (4/30/2017).  If it expires before, the website will automatically transfer you to USL and guide you through the process of renewing your child's membership so the expiration is beyond the season.  This is a change and may lead to questions, we understand.  We are here to help you through the process and appreciate your participation in helping us all take care of this necessary step to have a safe and fun season.  Some benefits, good techniques, and answers to questions are below.

For those that have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure you put a valid USL number in the registration and make your child's name exactly as it appears on your USL membership.  (if you need to change your account information, or lookup your child's number, please visit uslacrosse.org before you register your child)

     a) A great way to avoid redirecting you away from our website during registration, is to get your USL membership renewed and current before you start registration

     b) US lacrosse membership is additive to your previous expiration date; e.g. if your child's expiration is in January of next year, by renewing you will have an expiration of the next year in January.

For those that do not have a US lacrosse membership:

1) Please ensure the information you enter in our registration is accurate, so that your USL membership will be accurate as well.  The club's interest in maintaining a US lacrosse membership is that it affords a limited liability insurance for potential problems during the season.  There are many benefits beyond this that we know your chlld and you will enjoy as well.

     a)There will be a place, during your US lacrosse membership signup to associate yourself with our club, the "Oro Valley Lacrosse Club"

Your child's BIRTH DATE is important during registration.  Please note the new US lacrosse age cutoffs for each program.  If you enter the wrong birth date during registration & get an error, please email us at .  Only the website administrator can adjust the birth date once input.  If you're concerned about what program your child should be in, please contact us so that we can help you through the process.

Early Bird Registration through the beginning of practice is available for Boy's 14U-10U programs.  There are payment plans available (the same as last year) & credit card processing is also available.  Please register your boy for these programs EARLY to receive the benefits.

For those that made a summer equipment deposit, please contact us for a code you enter to receive the deposit back.

Contact information is very important under this new website.  You will have the opportunity to be alerted of schedule changes via many means of communication & you will be offered opportunities to subscribe to automatic "feeds" that help you stay up-to-date with the club's happenings throughout the season.

1)  You can add several emails in the email entry, but adding a comma or semi-colon.  Move your mouse over the email box and let it sit to tell you how to do this.  This is great for parents that have multiple emails they want to register.

2)  You should be able to enter multiple parent/guardian information & it's highly encouraged to do so!

3)  You'll see a drop down box next to each contact information entry that allows you to make the information you enter: public (all registered families can see your information), private (only the OVLC board & coaches can see your information), or roster (the team you sign up for can see your information only).  It's all up to you on what you'd like to share, but rest assured you can still be notified by the club of events and changes regardless on what option you pick.

We have adjusted our registration prices.  Take note, US lacrosse has also adjusted their membership rate.  During the previous season, we were able to provide a positive experience for you and your child, but this was not without the generous sponsorship & donations of members & the local community.  We brought in just over $4000 in donations last year that kept us solvent as a club.  Without the donations & sponsorship, we would not have been able to have the season we did.  In order to continue the daily operation of the club, we adjusted our registration prices slightly.  This will not cover the costs of the club & we have plans for another awesome donation season to keep the registration costs as low as possible.

1)  Please consider donating your time (by volunteering) or money to the club during the registration process.

2)  In order to start the new year right, we are offering a raffle for a new outdoor zipline experience at a company just north of Oro Valley.  Details will follow, but the opportunity to reserve raffle tickets during registration is available.

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